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Blinding Diamonds

TRUST can't be won by just a few words of mouth, it is won by the work.

 - We Believe this.

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Two Diamonds


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Raw Diamond

As it is principle that if you want excellent, first you should have the best.

We import rough from our best sources, to make very good diamonds.

Here rough is  the stones come from diamond mine.

We IMPORTS rough.
We IMPORTS rough.

We are not any merchandise trader or broker, we are the manufacturer. All the effort and the process required to make a simple diamond stone to a shining diamond stone is done by our self. All processes; PLANNING, SAWING, BRUNTING, and most important POLISHING and FINAL INSPECTION is done in our own factory with the help of latest technology and experienced human power, So we can maintain the quality of diamond as per our and buyers requirement.

We manufacture diamond.
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Princess Cut Diamond


We analyze diamond rough from an economic perspective, with the use of latest SARIN technology with 3D modeling via computer, So that we can make the diamond economically with maximum output, and as per our requirement of different shaped and colored diamond from rough diamond stone.

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Blinding Diamonds
  • As we manufacture diamond by our self we can control the quality, so you will get the quality as you want.

  • We are the manufacturer and you are the retailer, so there would not any commission in the deal.

  • You are buying polished diamond from the place where the world's 90% diamond are get polished, And here in Surat, the diamond industry gives employment to 800 thousand people in only Surat city. So this place, Surat is world's biggest market of polished diamond. So you would definitely get polished diamond at the lowest price and of best quality around the world.

  • Many people think that there is no good quality diamond manufacture in Surat, India, but as we earlier said Surat polishes 90% of world's diamond that means, in Surat there are all type of diamonds polished, weak-good-and excellent also, that depends upon you which type of diamond do you want, if you want excellent we will give you that, and if you want weak, we will also provide you that, we will not say no, And remember, at the lowest price in the world.

  • We are in this industry for more than 2 decades, we have very rich experience in the field of manufacturing, so you will get the diamond as you want.

  • So, you will get exectly what you want, at the best price in the world.

We Are


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