It is very simple to buy a diamond with the 'Credence Diamond', because, our sales representative is always there for just you.  We are located in the diamond city of India, Surat. You will get all the diamonds that you want to buy, from Here.

You have to do all is just to follow the steps mentioned here:

  1. Send your requirement to our sales representative by direct e-mail or filling this form.

  2. He will contact you as soon as possible with the price and detail about the availability of the diamond.

  3. If you like the price, he will send you the confirmation of the order via Proforma Invoice.

  4. Then, you will have to transfer the money mentioned in the Proforma Invoice to the bank account of 'Credence DIamond', within 4 working days. Otherwise, the order will be canceled and then we can sell the diamond to other buyers.

  5. Now, your work on buying a diamond is completed. Then, immediately after receiving the full payment, our shipping team will pack the diamond with required documents, and ship it via logistic company to you.

  6. You will get the diamond within 3 - 4 days mostly. If there would be any possibility to elongate this time, our sales representative will inform you.

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