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Single cut 8/8 diamond

  • We polish Ideal/Excellent single-cut diamonds having clarity IF-VVS and top DEF color with sizes ranging from 0.45 mm to 1.55 mm and having FLUORESCENCE NONE-FAINT and NONE-MEDIUM.

  • We precisely polish/manufacture CALIBRATED diamonds as per the order.

  • We give 100% guarantee of natural diamonds and can also provide third-party screened diamonds if required i.e. by IIDGR - DE BEERS.

  • Our single-cut goods are perfectly calibrated for setting in the watch dial.

  • We give the best price and our prices are steady for high-end diamonds.

There is more information on the product and how we work - that we can not share openly, for that we have made a brochure. Please submit your email below so we can share the brochure privately!

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only Ideal/Excellent cut

only IF - VVS clarity

only DEF color

Fluorescence controlled goods

Calibrated in range of 0.05 mm

Screenshot 2024-03-13 180015.png

IIDGR - DE BEER screening certification

THE best prices


only MICROSPCOPIC assortment

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